How they work and which parameters are relevant

| By Sonja Dorer

Burst pressure tests-part 2

How they work and which parameters are relevant

With a burst pressure test the pressure at which a test specimen fails is determined. But how exactly does this work and which parameters do you have to pay attention to?

In order to carry out a burst pressure test, the following elements are required: a burst chamber in which a test specimen is clamped into a fixture, a pressure regulator and a pressure supply unit. If the part which has to be tested is in the burst chamber, it can be pressurized. The corresponding parameters are set with the help of a high-pressure regulator. In particular, when it comes to the pressure controllers of GEORGII Automation, the parameters "High Point", "Low Point", "Fast Rate" and "Slow Rate" are relevant for the test, which differ depending on the requirements placed on the test objects.

The high point describes the upper limit of the pressure that can be applied to the test specimen and should therefore be set higher than the expected burst pressure. The low point is a pressure below the bursting pressure of the test specimen at which the bursting pressure is sought. It must be set lower than the expected burst pressure. In addition, the pressure regulator changes from Fast Rate to Slow Rate at this point.
The fast rate describes the speed of the pressure increase at which the pressure regulator moves the pressure to the low point. Between the low point and high point, the slow rate determines the speed.

For visualization, the example diagram shows a test at which three high points were defined, at 170, 340 and 700 bar. Since the low point was set to 0, only the slow rate of 1 bar per second is used. Depending on the test object and its requirements, the parameters and the number of admissions can be controlled. In the example, the test specimen withstood a pressure of 700 bar for 15 minutes before bursting.

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