What and for which purpose is tested actually?

| By Sonja Dorer

Burst pressure tests

What and for which purpose is tested actually?

A burst pressure test is used to determine the burst pressure of hollow bodies. But what exactly is the burst pressure and what kind of parts are tested?

In a burst pressure test, the element to be tested is put under pressure until it bursts, i.e. until it collapses or fails. The pressure that acts on the material during the bursting process is also the burst pressure.
The burst pressure is therefore a quality feature for parts that have to withstand a certain pressure. Hoses, pipelines, containers, pressure vessels, valve systems and high-pressure components are tested. The testing process and the results are precisely documented in order to be able to make a statement about the quality of the products. Since a burst pressure test is a destructive test method, only random samples are usually tested within the scope of quality assurance.

Liquids such as water or oil can be used as test media. When bursting, there is usually only a leakage. When using gases such as nitrogen or air, higher safety procedures are necessary, as the test part is often discharged or detonated.

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