Commissioning of our plant in China

| By Sonja Dorer

High-pressure compensation systems from GEORGII Automation GmbH

Commissioning of our plant in China

In October, our employees visited a renowned and international customer in China. The reason for the visit was the commissioning of a high-pressure compensation system including a pressure controller. The system is designed for a pressure of up to 550 bar and a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C. There are 16 workpiece carriers which can be equipped with 10 identical sensors each. The compensation system also offers the possibility of compensating/calibrating different sensors in different runs.


In general, concerning the high-pressure compensation plants of GEORGII Automation pressure ranges of up to 1050 bar gas or 3500 bar liquid are possible. For large-scale productions, up to 200 sensors can be calibrated in one temperature cycle. For small series, the number of test specimens and the maximum size of the test specimens can be adapted to your requirements and needs. For more information please visit our product page on our website.