Disassembly and loading of an inline test system simulated in fast motion

| By Sonja Dorer

Loading of an inline test system

Disassembly and loading of a 12 meter inline test system in 1:35 minutes!

The disassembly and loading of our 12 meter long inline test system is always a spectacle - also for us - and an absolute challenge. Within 3 days (fast motion 1:35 minutes) the team of GEORGII Automation has disassembled and loaded the plant and organized the shipment to a renowned customer of the automobile industry.

We have documented the whole process in a fast motion video, showing the complete disassembly and loading of the inline test system.

The inline test systems of GEORGII Automation are part of the product group "customer-specific test systems". Also high pressure compensation plants, test desks and burst pressure test stations belong to this group. They are suitable for the calibration, adjustment and temperature compensation of pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and process transmitters in the serial production. Furthermore, for special requirements the test systems can be equipped variably and run exceptionally stable.

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