5-axis laser welding machine

| By Sonja Dorer

The new 5-axis laser welding machine of GEORGII Automation GmbH

New Laser Welding Machine

The CNC controlled 5-axis laser welding system from GEORGII convinces with simple program call options, cyclically controlled movements and the integrated cross-hair camera which makes precise parameter setting easy.
The axis kinematics have high precision and repeat accuracy. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, the system can be integrated easily into lines.

With the stand-alone software of the welding machine, programming is possible over preset cycles. Cycles for complex contours are also included. The input takes place via a touch screen and a keyboard. Setup is also possible in manual mode. The integrated cross-hair camera serves as an aid, with which both, two switchable exposure levels and an adjustable diameter of the cross-hair are available. Like all systems from GEORGII Automation GmbH, this can also be configured to customer specifications.

Further information on this and other products can be found at www.georgii-automation.com