Better service.
Less hassle.

Obliging experts. | Constructive support.

An investment should bear fruit quickly and also pay off in the long term. We accompany you professionally - before and after the purchase - so that you can make the right decision without additional burdens.

Before the purchase

Support with the specification sheet

Our service personnel assists you with the creation.


Together with you, we develop new concepts and ideas.

Development of service concepts

For a sustainable maintenance and servicing of your machines.

After the purchase

Service agreements

We provide support according to your individual needs.

Preventive maintenance

We keep your machines in perfect condition.

Pump servicing

We inspect and repair your pumping system.

General overhaul

Our technicians modernize your entire plant.

Spare parts management

We take care of supplying the right parts.

“Our service team is not only competent - they really go the extra mile for you. There will be someone available to help whenever you reach out to us.”

Dirk Teubner, CEO

We will be pleased to help you.


Knowledgeable consulting.
By experienced experts.

Complex tasks. | Solved easily.

In the field of special machine construction there are complex requirements and problems. To be able to offer you professional consultation, our employees have a high level of education and international project experience.